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Kambi Heywood, AMP

Hi, I’m Kambi and I am an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), with over 20 years lending experience in both residential and commercial mortgages. I am dual‑licensed, which enables me to service your needs in both BC and Alberta.

I work for YOU, not your bank in finding the best options for your personal circumstances, and most likely no fees charged to you! Being affiliated with the number one franchise, Canadian Mortgage Experts, with the largest broker network in Canada, Dominion Lending Centres, means that I have access to a wide range of lenders who offer the very best products to my clients. With a strong team behind me, let’s figure out your mortgage needs, and then find the best product for you. 

I am an active member of the community, and Charter Member of the Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club. I am thoroughly enjoying my life with my children and husband in the Canadian Rockies, with my office situated in Cranbrook, BC. Also, I’m a self-directed investor, snowboarder, and hot yoga junkie!

Kambi is one of the most talented mortgage professionals I have had the privilege of working with over the years. She offers an extraordinarily positive approach to helping people always leading to happy experiences for her customers. I have no hesitation in recommending Kambi to anyone seeking mortgage advice founded on years of experience and a sincere desire to fit individual needs.

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Gary Burke

My wife and I bought a house in 2004 using Kambi as our mortgage agent. Since then we have bought numerous properties using Kambi exclusively as our agent. She has also helped our children arrange their first properties. We have always found her to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of our mortgage requirements.

We highly recommend Kambi to anyone seeking a mortgage professional.

Randy Wright

I tried to get a mortgage with my bank, and was denied because of being self employed. I was frustrated, and then a friend told me about Kambi and how he got his mortgage through her. After 1 day of talking with Kambi, I was approved. I never expected it to be that easy!  I felt like a person, and not just “a number” at the banks.

Mike Davis


Accredited Mortgage Professional Designation

Mortgage Services

Home Purchase

Whether you are looking to buy your first home or your hundredth, I will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process and get the mortgage product that best suits your individual needs. I work with all types of home buyers from first timers to investors with multiple properties. If you are looking to live in it, I can help you finance it! (Within reason of course).


Are you looking to refinance your property to access some of the equity you have built up over the years? Maybe you want to consolidate some debts, start a new business, renovate your home, buy a vacation or investment property… regardless of the reason, I will discuss all of your mortgage refinancing options with you and help you find the mortgage that suits your needs!



The best time to start looking at renewing your existing mortgage is 120 days before your maturity date. If your existing lender has sent you a renewal offer in the mail or if they have called you on the phone, the first thing you should do is contact me for advice. Never just sign the bank’s offer, there is ALWAYS room to negotiate. I’m here to help you, so that you don’t have to do the negotiations alone!

Looking to figure out roughly what you might qualify for on a mortgage? Here are a few different calculators that should do the trick. However if you are seriously looking to purchase, calculators will get you in the ballpark, but having me look at your financial situation by completing a mortgage application will let you know exactly where you stand! 

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Here are a few of the lenders we have developed excellent relationships with, let’s figure out which one has the best products to offer you!


Here are a few of the lenders we have developed excellent relationships with, let’s figure out which one has the best products to offer you!

As Simple as Porting Your Mortgage!

As Simple as Porting Your Mortgage!

As simple as porting your mortgage! Said by no one ever. The truth is, there is nothing simple about porting your mortgage.  "Porting your mortgage" involves transferring the remainder of your existing mortgage term, outstanding principal balance, and interest rate to...

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Minimum Required Credit Profile

Minimum Required Credit Profile

Credit. The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. When you borrow money to buy a house, you will be required to prove that you have a good history of managing your credit. But what...

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Whether you’re a first time home buyer, looking to refinance or renew your home, or you’re looking at purchasing an investment property, regardless of your circumstance, if you need to arrange mortgage financing, please give me a call or contact me using the form below.

I look forward to working with you! Go ahead, drop me a line, your information is safe with me. 

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Office Address: 1601 1st St S, Cranbrook, BC V1C 1B7
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